A couple of weeks ago, I drove to Atlanta with a buddy of mine to see Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto tour. I can say without hesitation that it was one of the best (if not the best) concert I’ve ever been to.  And that’s a bold statement for me to make, considering I was front row for U2’s 360 Tour last summer in Chicago.  The Coldplay show was just…special.  Very special.  And not just in the musical sense or in terms of production.

The show was special in a spiritual way.

Now, the word “spiritual” carries a lot of weight, especially in the Christian world.  There are certain things that the church would rather keep spirituality out of.  One of those being secular music.  Christian music is an amazing thing, and I think it plays a big part in furthering the Lord’s kingdom here on earth.  But that doesn’t mean God separates himself from what is secular.  In fact, I think He plays a big role in many “non-Christian” experiences.

The Coldplay show was a culmination of so many beautiful aspects of God’s creation.

Think about it.  Creativity is a gift from God, and everyone has it.  I believe the production staff at every Coldplay show is utilizing their God-given talents, whether they realize it or not.  I believe God gave the guys in Coldplay their insane musical abilities.  And I believe one of the reasons God created music was to bring people together.

There was a 9-year-old kid standing behind me who couldn’t help but look around in amazement at all of the lights and sounds.  There was a 60-year-old man in front of me doing the exact same thing.  Every seat in the arena was occupied by a singing, smiling face.  And every song meant something to every individual in the arena.  As they played the song “Fix You,” I couldn’t help but think about how many memories filled the air.  Memories of falling in love…and falling out of it.  Memories of being young and afraid.  Of growing older and finding hope.  Every single person in that arena felt something during that song.  I’m sure of it.  And the beautiful thing is…despite living completely different stories…everyone in that place sang every word to that song.  And for a moment, there was unity.  A God-given unity proven by the thousands of smiles in that one room.

I’m not saying you should go to a Coldplay concert and expect everyone to worship.  And I’m not saying God is pleased with all that occurs at secular entertainment events.  Far from it.  I’m saying that God can be found in these experiences…and that these experiences can create a unity that leads to hope.  A hope that inspires people to seek the truth and leads them to salvation.

I know that’s a stretch.  But I think God is capable of doing some amazing things in “non-Christian” places.  After all, Jesus did choose to eat dinner with some of the most secular dudes around.

What are your thoughts?  Have you ever seen or experienced God in a secular setting?  I’d love to hear.

Love you all!