As I sit at my favorite Nashville coffee shop, things feel familiar. The blue ceramic coffee mug holding my hand-poured Ethiopian brew. The brick wall framing my computer screen. The wooden counter on which my elbows rest as I stare out the window at the rain. 

Even the faces of my fellow caffeine-seeking patrons I’ve grown to recognize.

It took me sitting down to write this to finally appreciate the details of my morning routine.

I don’t want to live my life taking the simple things for granted.

Familiar doesn’t need to mean boring. Or old. Or unimportant.

These are the things we’ll miss when we move on. Whatever that might mean. Just like many of my peers, I plan on spending a good bit of my life traveling. My career choice depends on spending days on the road. Nights in hotel rooms. Evenings with fleeting faces. 

And that excites me. It keeps me going.

But while I’m living in the familiar, I don’t want to let it fade. 

I think the familiar is what we’ll end up missing the most.

So, let’s hold each other accountable. Interact with intent. Ask meaningful questions. Take mental images of the views we love. Point out the smallest of beautiful details so that they don’t go unnoticed. Draw them. Write them down.

Our Creator formed everything we see with a purpose.

Even the familiar.

So, let’s enjoy it. Share it. Thank Him for it.

This morning, I’m going to sip my coffee a little bit slower. Stare at the rain a little bit longer. And hold on to what I love a little bit tighter.

Join me?

These are my morning thoughts.