I have grown so much in the past week and a half.  My perspective has changed.  It has taken a turn for the better…a turn toward hope and reachable opportunity.  

Two weeks ago, my mind was clouded by a dangerous storm I’d like to call doubt.  If you would have asked me what I plan on doing for a living, I would have quickly told you, “I’m going to be a performing artist and songwriter.”

But honestly, I don’t think I truly meant it.  I wanted to mean it, but I didn’t.  My fear didn’t allow me to believe it with all my heart.

That changed.

Conversations happened…with Godly, inspiring, and successful (not necessarily financially) people.

Realizations happened…by taking the time to evaluate what it really is that drives me, and what it is about life that I love.

Prayer happened…and God cleared my mind of the fear that was blurring my vision.

These three things gave me a confidence that I haven’t felt in a long while.  Now, when someone asks me what I plan on doing for a living, I’ll be able to say, “I’m going to be a performing artist and songwriter.” …and really mean it.

Next time you find yourself amidst a storm of doubt, try these three things:

Talk to someone that inspires you…someone that will encourage you and pray for you.

Make a list of all the things you love in life…and build your plans around them.

Pray…because God knows the desires of your heart, and He wants to help you succeed.

What is it that you are pursuing?  What has helped you overcome your fear and doubt in the past?