Photo: Prato - Winter Park, FL - 3/28/13

Photo: Prato - Winter Park, FL - 3/28/13

Open windows. Open air.

The smell alone plays its part in the memory. A spot at the corner of the bar - best seat in the house. For watching and listening friends and families and first dates and fifteenth dates. The dog-walkers pass by and gaze enviously at the plates of rigati and glasses of Napa red. Things the locals living in the flat above take for granted.

Sitting between two people I care about more than most. I breathe it all in. I try my best to make it last. Because, after all, it’s moments like these that won’t fade into the yesterdays. Downtime over drinks or a meal. When you take the time to notice the delicate tastes. The quietest of sounds and most vivid colors. The subtle nuances of a smile and look in her eyes.

These are the minutes - the seconds - that matter. 

Open windows. Open air. Just sit and notice.

Enjoy being there. Being here.

That’s what this picture means to me.

~ Ben (MY RED & BLUE)