Photo: Downtown - Chicago, IL - Thanksgiving 2011

Photo: Downtown - Chicago, IL - Thanksgiving 2011

Fresh and clear. That is the air. This is the view.

A weekend trip up north for my second favorite holiday. Dodging the traffic, we make our way to the condo where more family sits waiting. One ear-popping ride on the elevator and we arrive. Packers football on the screen, garnering the most attention. A few hugs and hellos make it feel more like home than a high-rise. A yell at the television, and I begin to feel even more at home. To Green Bay fans, it is not just a game.

A couple root beers and conversations later, I find myself staring out the wall of windows at the surrounding skyline. It starts to sink in. How nice it is to be here. Surrounded by family. With turkey in the oven. Lake Michigan to my right. Michigan Avenue to my left. In one of my favorite cities. The blues in the sky take shape on the countless windows above, below, and across the way. Reflections of big city architecture create big city art in my eyes.

Looking forward to the evening and days ahead, I realize what I have. Making it easier than ever to celebrate the holiday where giving thanks is what matters most. The thanks comes easy in such a setting.

Fresh and clear. That is the air. That is the feeling.


That’s what this picture means to me.

~ Ben (MY RED & BLUE)