“Where does the name MY RED + BLUE come from?” Been waiting to share this photo for a long time. This is a pic of my sister Ashlyn and me at the National Mall when we lived in Washington DC. (Also, that’s our friend Caroline on the right.) That outfit was my favorite, and I called it “my red and blue”. Begged my mom to wear it every day. There was a distinct purpose behind choosing to name my musical project after a toddlers outfit from Target. To me, “my red and blue” encompasses youth and nostalgia. The kind that overcomes us when weather, melodies, smells, and sights all blend together to create fleeting, seemingly out-of-body experiences. I love music because it enhances moments like these. It encourages, inspires, and gives hope. I love music for the snapshots it creates in our memories, much like the one captured in this photo. One of pure, childlike hope. Smiles and bliss. I want my music to enhance treasured moments like this. I want MY RED + BLUE to do that for you. Because many of you have done that for me. Thanks for inspiring and being a part of MY RED + BLUE.