Tonight, I get to play my songs in LA for the first time ever. Feeling blessed and humbled by certain doors that have been opening lately. Doors that have reminded me I’m part of a much bigger story. A story that goes beyond my own pursuits and ambitions. Thankful for a team like Sorted Noise that has my back and believes in me. Thankful for guys like Donnie Hedden who I can collaborate and share experiences with. The list goes on. If you’re in LA, I’d love to see you at The Hotel Cafe tonight. 8pm sharp. The Sweeplings will be playing right after me. They’re great people and they make great music. Gonna be a rad time. If you’ve ever had a conversation with me about music, chances are you’ve encouraged and/or motivated me. Thank you for that. Cheers to the good life and the pursuit of a dream.